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Solid Waste


Solid Waste

10,000 pick-ups weekly

Please feel free to call us with your questions or concerns: 765.664.2391 option #4.

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What Is the Current Rate For Solid Waste Pick-Up Services?

The current rate is $13.80, which includes your weekly pick-up, one 96-gallon toter, and one free large-item pick-up per month. We will provide pick-up for additional APPROVED toters.

What is the Pick-up Schedule?

Solid Waste is picked up on Mondays thru Thursdays.

What Is My Pick-up Day and Where Is My Pick-up?

Click here to find your pick-up day and the location of your pick-up (alley or street).

What do I do if my trash isn’t picked up?

Please call our Solid Waste Division immediately at 664.2391, option 4.

Will my pick-up be delayed by holidays?

As a government entity, Marion Utilities honors more holidays than a regular pick-up service. Please read the 2020 Holiday Schedule for details!

I am planning a special event. Do you provide extra toters?

We provide extra toters or dumpsters for events that are sponsored by the City of Marion, Corporations, and Nonprofits. We do not provide extra toters for personal events (i.e. birthday/group parties, etc.). Click Here to Reserve Toters or a Dumpster.

Do You Pick Up Yard Waste?

No. Please call the Marion Street Department at 668.4496. If you have yard waste (i.e. grass clippings, leaves, brush, limbs).

New Recycling Center to open soon

Next month Marion Utilities will open a new recycling drop-off center, which will replace our blue bag program. That being said, we want to take this opportunity to explain our reasoning behind the change.

The blue bag program is a “co-mingling” recycling program, where several kinds of recyclable materials are placed into one container – such as plastics, cardboard, and glass. Residents place all their recyclables in the blue bags and put them out with the rest of their trash. When the waste is dumped at the transfer station, our solid waste employees pull the blue bags out of the regular solid waste stream and take them to Republic Services, where we pay a high premium to have the recyclables processed. In the past, most of that material ended up being purchased by companies in China, where it was sorted and recycled. Being proper stewards of our environment is of utmost importance, and the benefit of having those materials recycled, rather than landfilled, outweighed the higher cost we were paying for processing.

However, in the last few years the recycling market has changed drastically. China has passed new laws and they are no longer buying co-mingled recyclables. Often times co-mingled recyclables are contaminated with food and other waste, which makes them difficult – if not impossible – to recycle. Here in the US, literally tons of co-mingled recyclables that were collected from residents are now being stored in warehouses or landfilled.

New Chinese Import Policies

China has Stopped Accepting Our Trash

Unfortunately, we also discovered that many people were using the blue bags as trash bags, which makes the process even less effective.

Knowing that much of our recyclable material collections were contaminated and not being recycled properly, we were faced with a decision of what to do going forward. We want to offer a program where residents can be confident that the materials they are saving for recycling are not just going into a landfill. It also must be cost effective for ratepayers.

Our new recycling program accomplishes these goals. The Recycling Center here at MU will be open from 11 am to 6 pm on Mondays and Fridays, located at 1300 N. Washington Street. We have coordinated with the county’s operation on Garth Waite Road and will be open on they days they are closed, in an effort to give residents more options. Additional hours may be added in the future if there is enough demand. Also, there will be an attendant on duty to see that the items collected are clean and sorted properly.

Here are Marion Utilities, we want to continue to be good stewards of our planet and offer cost-effective programs that meet the needs of our customers. If you have any questions about our recycling program, feel free to contact us at 765-664-2391.

What We Accept

New Recycling Center


The Automatic Side Loader

This truck is used for street pick-up and is manned by usually one employee. An automatic arm on the right side of the truck reaches out to grab the toter, then lifts it up and dumps the contents into the bed of the truck.

Rear loader

The Rear Loader

This truck is used for alley pick-up and manned by three employees.

The Grapple Truckpeterson073-Main-pic-for-TL3-ad

This truck is used to pick large items that do not fit in the toter. To schedule a large item pick-up, please call our Solid Waste Division at 664.2391, option 4 or email

What Do I Do For Large Items That Don’t Fit In The Toter?

If you have an item that does not fit it in the toter, you will need to schedule a large item pick-up appointment.

When is Large Item Pick-Up?

Large Item Pick-Up Appointments occur throughout the week. You must call our Solid Waste Division at 664.2391, option 4 to schedule an appointment. Please set your items out for pick-up on the day of your appointment by 6 a.m.

How Do I Schedule A Large Item Pick-Up Appointment?

Please contact our Solid Waste Division at 664.2391, option 4 or email

If I Move To Another Address, Can I Take My Toter With Me?

No, the toter is assigned to its specific address. Please contact us at 664.2391, option 4 to notify us of your move.

What Do I Do If I Received An Orange Tag?

When you receive an orange tag, please correct the issue stated on the tag. Our instructions on the orange tag are designed to help city residents to be aware of the guidelines for using toter and solid waste procedures. Please see the Solid Waste Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

In order to maintain the Solid Waste Utility, the Marion Utilities Service Board has passed the following guidelines and procedures of fees for additional trash and large items.

Extra Toters for Pick-Up

If a residence requires more than two toters for solid waste pick-up (two toters are the allotted amount per the City Ordinance), you will need to purchase tags for each toter for each pick-up. Tags are $2 each.

Pick-Up for Extra Large Items

The Solid Waste Ordinance (General Ordinance No. 8-2016) allows for residents to have one large item per month picked up by the Solid Waste Utility free of charge. If you require more than one large item in a month, fees apply.

You will need to purchase a tag for the following items:

  • Extra toter – $3.00
  • Large Item – $6.00
  • Large Item pick-up fee – $12.00

If you need a Roll-off Boxes, the following applies:

  • Box delivery, pick-up, and disposal – $250.00
  • There is an extra $10/day fee for any box needed for more than 10 days.
    • 10 C.Y. (up to 2 tons) – $370.00
    • 20 C.Y. (up to 4 tons) – $490.00
    • 30 C.Y. (up to 6 tons) – $610.00
    • 40 C.Y. (up to 8 tons) – $730.00

Extra Large Items for Transfer Station

You may bring multiple items to our transfer station for an extra fee. Please visit our Solid Waste Office in the Administration Building at 1540 N. Washington St. prior to entering our Transfer Station.

  • Individual Items – $6.00 each
  • Bag of Trash/Miscellaneous Items – $3.00 each
  • Truck Load (Level/MSW) – $25.00
  • Truck Load (Level/C&D) – $30.00*
  • Truck Load (Mounded/MSW) – $37.50
  • Truck Load (Mounded/C&D) – $45.00*
  • Misc. Solid Waste per Cubit Yard – $10.00
  • Construction/Demolition Solid Waste per Cubit Yard – $12.00*
  • *Shingles will be charged at the C&D rate x 1.5

Waste Disposal Bags

In cases such as cleaning out a house/spring cleaning, etc., bulk bags are available to purchase. Marion Utilities will pick-up the bag as a large item pick-up. The bags hold up to 3,000 pounds.

Bags cost $25.00 plus $100.00 (collection and disposal fee).

Roll-Off Boxes

We have a limited amount of roll-off boxes to rent that may be used for residential solid waste or construction/demolition debris. Print the Reservation form.

Rental fees are:

  • 10-yard Dumpster (up to two tons) – $370
  • 20-yard Dumpster (up to four tons) – $490
  • 30-yard Dumpster (up to six tons) – $610
  • 40-yard Dumpster (up to eight tons) – $730

There is an extra $10/day fee for any dumpster needed for more than 10 days. Fees include delivery, pick-up, and disposal.