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Home Ave CSO Separation

  • The Home Ave. CSO Project is in the area from 18th St. to 22nd St. and Florence to Home Avenue. The project consist of installing approximately 4,300 feet of storm sewer pipe, approximately 2,100 feet of sanitary sewer pipe, total asphalt paving, and last approximately 10 months.
  • CSO Separation (Project 36-17-15)
  • Phase 2 – The Home Ave. CSO Project is in the area starts at Meridian and goes east to Terrace Ave. and from 28th St. to 30th St. Phase 2  consists of installing 4,200 feet of storm pipe. This project will include a complete asphalt overlay restoration.
  • CSO Separation (Project 39-18-02)

Boots Creek CSO CIPP

  • The Boots Creek lining project consist of rehabilitation of the sewers in 9th St. from Alabama Court to Miller Avenue, and the sewers in the alley north of 9th St., from Lenfesty Avenue to Forest Avenue. This is approximately 6,000 feet of sewer lining rehabilitation. This project is part of the Boots Creek Combined Sewer Separation project.
  • CSO C.I.P.P. Sewer Lining Rehabilitation

28th St. – Lining Project

  • The 28th St. Project consists of rehabilitation of the existing sewer from Lenfesty St. to Home Ave. on 28th St.. This project consists of approximately 2,000 feet of 18 and 20-inch pipe lining.
  • Storm Sewer Rehabilitation (Project 39-17-26)