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Boots Creek

  • State Road 18 Boring/Sewer Separation – we are drilling under the road, giving the Gas American Convenience Store and Gas Station access to a sewer only line.
  • Miller/Forest & 6th/10th – we have finished installing piping, manholes, and inlets. Cleanup, landscaping, and paving will be added in May.

Wharton Avenue/Kem Road

We are relining an 8-inch Sanitary Sewer south of Wharton Avenue and east of Kem Road, using Cured in-Place Lining.

Wharton Avenue/Highland Avenue

We are completing insulation in the sewer piping.

South Annex

Marion Utilities is currently working to renovate the 1300 and 1400 blocks of N Washington Street. The former is the site of our new Solid Wastge Transfer Station. It is home to our fleet of solid waste collection vehicles as well as our compactor machine. The latter is the future home of our distribution and stormwater crews. We hope to have that facility up and running by sometime this summer.

Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrades

The Wastewater Treatment Plant is scheduled to receive some much needed upgrades to the influent pumping station and the aeration tanks. These improvements will increase efficiency, reduce electrical costs, and set the stage for the next steps in our Long Term Control Plan.