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  • 2017/2018 Holiday Schedule for Solid Waste Pick-up
  • New Payment Options
    • We have installed a new online payment form which is a much more convenient way for you to pay your utility bill! If you have any questions, please call our Customer Service Office at 664.2391, option 3.
    • Our new features include:
      • eCheck/ACH – Pay your bill with your checking account.
      • Autopay – Establish a recurring monthly payment using a credit/debit card or bank account routing number.
      • PDF statement Changes – View electronic copies of your bill.
      • Pay Over the Phone – Pay your bill with our automatic payment system on the phone. (Make sure to have your account number)
  • New Energy Efficient Blowers
    • Our Wastewater Maintenance Dept. has installed two new turbo blowers which are energy-efficent and provide air for the micro-organisms that break down & remove nutrients & organic material in wastewater. These will help in keeping costs down too!
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  • Boots Creek CSO

    Marion Utilities has finished up another sewer separation project that will keep wastewater from overflowing into Boots Creek during storms.

    The Boots Creek CSO was one of the most active combined sewer overflows in Marion, dumping as much as 38 million gallons of combined storm water/wastewater a year into the creek during heavy rain.

    The watershed in this area encompasses about 260 acres of land. Portions of this project from Alabama Court to Nebraska Street and 3rd Street to 13th Street included installing 10,000 feet of sanitary sewer mains, 13,000 feet of storm sewer mains and rehabilitating 14,000 feet of existing pipe using new pipe relining technology.

    Now when the sewers overflow, the storm water drains into Boots Creek but the wastewater goes to the Wastewater Treatment Plant. Total cost of all the work to complete this project was about $6 million.

    In the 1970s Marion had 13 combined sewer overflow points – now we are down to just six.