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Serving The Marion Community For Nearly Sixty Years

The city of Marion's first wastewater treatment plant was placed in operation in 1940 at a total cost of $573,700.00.  Until that time, all wastewater flows from the city were discharged directly into the Mississinewa River.  The original plant had a design treatment capacity of four million gallons per day.

By 1960, Marion had outgrown the capacity of the original wastewater treatment plant and a major plant expansion was necessary.  In 1960, construction was started on the plant expansion to increase treatment capacity to twelve million gallons per day.  the project would also include construction of digester capacity and methane gas storage facilities.  Total cost of the expansion was $1,694,260.00.

In 1967, chlorination facilities were added to allow for disinfection of the treated wastewater prior to being discharged into the Mississinewa River.  

In 1983, additional construction was required as a result of the Federal Water Pollution Control Act.  This Act, promulgated in 1972, established abatement of water pollution as a national policy and established a timetable and specific standards to accomplish the goal of clean water.  The City of Marion was required to upgrade the facilities in order to meet the standards.  Cost of the project was approximately $19,000,000.00 and was substantially funded by USEPA and the State of Indiana.

In the years since the most recent facility upgrade, Marion Municipal Utilities has made every effort to protect and maintain the investment of the community.  The processes currently meet or exceed the stringent regulatory requirements designed to protect the Mississinewa River.  The efforts of the Utility have been recognized most recently by USEPA through their Operations & Maintenance awards program.  In 1999, the facility was selected as the recipient of the 2nd place award for Large-Advanced Facilities within the USEPA Region 5 area.

Please contact us for more information on scheduling a guided tour of the wastewater facility for your group.

Chuck Binkerd, Assistant Director of Operations

David McCollum, Project Specialist

107 E. Bond Ave, Marion, IN  46952

For more information, call Marion City Wastewater at (765) 664-2391, ext 131 or 117.





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